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Subsidy and Financial Assistance

Subsidies play a vital role in the economy of a country.Subsidy is one of the aspect of business growth and development. Subsidies, by means of creating a wedge between consumer prices and producer costs, lead to changes in demand/ supply decisions. Subsidies are often aimed at :

  1. inducing higher consumption/ production
  2. offsetting market imperfections including internalisation of externalities;
  3. achievement of social policy objectives including redistribution of income, population control, etc.

So, Government introduces so many subsidies through various alternative modes of administering a subsidy,

  • Subsidy to producers
    • CLCSS
    • Gujarat Industrial Policy, 2009
    • Gujarat Industrial Policy, 2015
    • TUFS
    • RR TUF
    • A TUF
  • Subsidy to consumers
    • LPG Gas
  • Subsidy to producers of inputs
  • Providing Incentives Instead of Subsidizing
    • Export Promotion Scheme
  • Production/sales through public enterprises
    • Marketing & Branding as per Gujarat Industrial Policy, 2015

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