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A Complete Overview Of The Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction advisory services are the third party services obtained from professional firms or investment banking firms. They help you handle all the tasks associated with your transactions from the start to the end and thus act as your business’s support system , and meet requirements for expansion. Such as a merger or acquisition of an organization. When it comes to making choices on transactions, it is recommended to make decisions based on critical thinking and proper analysis. Such detailed analysis and problem-solving skills can turn any deal into success.

What we do

Our people work in diverse, globally integrated teams to solve business

critical issues.

Corporate Finance Strategy

CFS is consistent with our global big bets for TAS, in particular, Transaction Strategy and Operations (TSO). It helps us to support our clients and build stronger relationships by bringing us into their conversations and the transaction life cycle earlier

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide M&D advice to institutions engaging in mid-market transactions in the financial services sector. We help our clients assess the strategic fit of a business by evaluating potential synergies, project managing the transaction steps, assisting in negotiations and financial models, and measuring transaction implications.

Operational Transaction Services

We focus on helping financial services clients to increase value from their transactions through all stages of the deal cycle, whether realizing synergies, facilitating a smooth integration, maximizing deal returns or reducing operational risk.

Transaction Support

We help client buyers and sellers make informed decisions and execute transactions while focusing on their capital agenda. Our focus is on helping our clients improve their outcomes.


Valuation & Business Modeling

We help our clients build effective business models to evaluate a new transaction, a new market opportunity or for other strategic purposes. Our team can help clients develop robust financial models to support key decisions and improve strategic outcomes.


Management & Transaction Advisory Services

It would serve the organisation, the CEO and the CFO’s agenda when the finance function is aligned to the business strategy, and provides financial analysis and insight to support corporate decision making. Needless to mention, meeting the legal and regulatory obligations are a given. With a global network of professionals, financial management is able to bring the right people, with the right skills, to the right place at the right time to assist helping organisations to become business leaders. Aimed at helping to enhance finance function’s performance and increase its value to the business. A business is built through sweat and hard work. Every decision is a small step towards accomplishing more significant goals and requires diligent planning. A business has to overcome a new set of challenges every day and strive towards success by defeating these challenges. In such a situation where a business is prone to a new set of hurdles and risks, it is recommended to seek help in minimizing the risks by availing the finance experts’ services.

Effective Decision Support

This service network helps clients deliver a fit-for-purpose financial planning and performance management framework in order to help the business to make better decisions.

It includes the following offerings:

  • Cost accounting and management
  • Business partnering and decision support
  • Planning budgeting and forecasting
  • Operational Review
Finance Strategy

Its involves a wide ranging review of the finance function, matching performance to business requirements and diagnosing areas for improvement across the finance landscape. It includes the following offerings:

  • Cash Credit
  • Term Loan
  • Letter of Credit
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Packing Credit

Specified instruments as suitable for need